Lineside Challenge

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You may have encountered that my recent updates are all about trains, the reason is that i decided to document the last regular service days with nostalgic rolling stock on the Mariazellerbahn. From December 2013 mostly all service there will be made by modern Electric Multiple Units - a positive sign for the future and efficiency of that line but of course less diversity for photographers - it will need weeks to ban the diversity of nostalgic rolling stock in the future on sensor, so i spend days to do that during their last operating days. Spending time there is also a great day outdoor, most of the photo spots need a hike to get there, so enjoy the ride...


Mariazellerbahn 1099Steinklamm In the mountains its challenging to be at the right place at the right time with the right light

Mariazellerbahn Ötscherbär 1099 KostersitzfelsenKostersitzfelsen A long hike is often rewarded by great mountain panoramas 

Kuhgrabenbrücke MariazellerbahnKuhgrabenbrücke The Kuhgrabenbrücke, a classical photo-spot along the Mariazellerbahn 

Raingrabenbrücke Moving Impressions from the Raingrabenbrücke


The other side

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On the 25th of May 2013  was the last opportunity to make pictures of the narrow gauge steam loco Mh.6 operating at the Waldviertler Schmalspurbahn for a couple of time. You may have seen my last gallery with the old lady, so whats special again?

The Mh.6 and her 5 Sisters have been constructed for the Mariazellerbahn. Although they are powerful, there have been more passengers than expected and the Mh´s were constructed, so the line was electrified in 1911. Until the 70ies the Mh´s were in use at other state narrow gauge railways all over the county, from about 1970 until 1986 (!) the 6 Mh´s were responsible for almost the whole scheduled passenger and freight services in the northern Austrian region Waldviertel till the closure of regular service there.

The Mh.6 is normally stationed in Ober-Grafendorf and was restored by volunteers in more than 11000 hours. She usually operates on the tracks of the Mariazellerbahn and came back to her past operating region in May 2013 for about 3 weeks. The reason was because the Mh.1 - which operates touristic trains there on weekends - still was under maintenance at the start of the season in May 2013, so the Club Mh.6 operated 3 steam operated services for the operator there. The Mh.6 was brought there by truck. 

At the day of my visit, there was a second lucky chance, the Mh.1 came back from maintenance the day before and made test runs in new livery. Luckily it was possible to get a few pictures with the Mh.1 and Mh.6 together - a picture showing 2 operating Mh´s hasn´t been possible since the 80ies and probably will not be possible for a long time - so feel free to watch the Album and take a day there, if you can.     

Mh.6 in Alt - WeitraAlt - Weitra Mh.1 trifft Mh.6Mh.1 und Mh.6 in Weitra

Slow Go Part II

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This may i made photos during a ride with the steam train to mariazell. Although there are many perfect photo spots all over the track, i decided to get on board of the train instead of hunting it by car - to continue that wonderful nostalgic service in the future, the most important thing the Club Mh.6 needs are satisfied passengers - well done so far. The schedule offered plenty of time to take pictures of the steam locomotive Mh.6 built in 1908 and its friendly and professional volunteers who operate the train. A "thank you" to every single member for making that day special.

The train was pulled between Ober Grafendorf and Mariazell by the steam locomotive Mh.6, built in 1908. Between St. Pölten and Ober Grafendorf the train was pulled by the 1099.013 which is only about 6 years younger and one of the oldest electric locomotives of the world in regular service. 

The Mh.6 is maintained and operated voluntarily by the Eisenbahnclub Mh.6 in Ober Grafendorf. 

Enjoy a visit in the Gallery

Mariazellerbahn - Mh.6 at Gösing Mariazellerbahn 6090 meets Mh.6 - 1908 vs. 1994 Mariazellerbahn - Dampfzug 5.5.2013

Mariazellerbahn - Narrow Valley - narrow gaugeMariazellerbahn - Dampfzug 5.5.2013

Kleiner Mann, was nun

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Fischamender Spielleut - Kleiner Mann, was nun?Kleiner Mann - was nun? By the beginning of April i had the chance to make photographs at the final rehearsal of the play "Kleiner Mann, was nun" performed by the   Fischamender Spielleut - a very talented theater group acting in Fischamend, Lower Austria. If you are nearby, i can strongly recommend a visit at one of their shows - for the foreigners there´s of course an album to visit. Pictures have been taken in manual mode at available light.. It was a pleasure to ban these fantastic actors and their wonderful stage set on sensor. 

Slow go

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The weekend of the 16 th december i made a ride to Laubenbachmühle. So, whats special there? The small town in lower Austria will be the operation centre of the Mariazellerbahn, which operates between the lower austrian capital St. Pölten and Mariazell since 1907. So far, there flow much water down the pielach valley, the first electric locos are still in service today - they are the oldest electric locomotives in regular service of the world, that record is worth a visit and a ride. After years of incertain future the operator Növog unveiled the "Himmelstreppe", a new trainset that should bring the line into a sucessful future... Good Luck 

The Stairway to Heaven, future of the Mariazellerbahn ET1 Himmelstreppe

Class 1099 - World´s oldest electric loco in regular service Mariazellerbahn

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