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Der Trail ist 120 Kilometer lang und beinhaltet 4.000 Höhenmeter. Das Besondere daran ist, dass mit einem Stempelarmband innnerhalb von drei Tagen fünf Stellen zwischen 1.362 und 2.545 Meter Höhe angefahren werden.
Dabei gilt es anspruchsvolle Anstiege und Singletrails zu überwinden oder die berüchtigte „Demut-Passage“ auf 2.400 Meter zu meistern. Die Streckenführung ist mit steinernen „Männchen“ optimal gekennzeichnet.
Mehr Information unter http:/​/​www.​stoneman.​it


The STONEMAN-Trail of the MTB which was brought to life by the professional cyclist Roland Stauder, the route in the Dolomites was signposted as "Steinmännchen" or "Stanemandlan" as referred to in South Tyrolean dialect. It does not deal with a race here, but rather to accomplish a challenge with passion and to fulfil a dream.
With a provided armband for stamping, biking enthusiasts can enjoy an unforgettable bike tour in Sesto and cyclists are permitted to break away from the predetermined sections. At the 4 stamping places, the bikers can collect a well deserved stamp and decide on which sections they wish to participate in or cope with in one day. After every completed stretch, the participants will receive a highly south after Stoneman award. 120 km 4.560 meters difference in altitude in one day, in two days or in three days.
More Information: http:/​/​www.​stoneman.​it

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